About Me

Art by Teruyo Iwahori

As a kid I could turn almost anything into an art project. Wooden sticks I found in the yard would become sculptures and recycled fabric or paper would get a second chance at life as a tiny puppet. Drawing and painting were also a favorite pass time and I still like to do this to clear my mind.
After finishing high school I left my home country and moved to the Netherlands to study science. I liked it so much that I continued with a PhD in the same area. Throughout my studies, however, I always found myself being drawn back to art. Being mostly self-taught and picking up skills here and there, I am still defining my style. Starting with simple pencil drawings and small arts & crafts projects, I am now venturing out into the world of sewing. Originally motivated by a practical need for cheap and personalized clothing during my time as a student, I now find fashion to be one of the most inspiring ways to express yourself.
Most of what I do is remaking, or scrapping as I call it. Using materials you have at hand to create something new. For example taking an old garment that no longer fits you - or your style - and updating it. The beauty of this is that you can unleash your creativity and create truly unique items, all from cheap recycled materials!
So, please feel free to look around in my world of scrapping. I hope you will be inspired to create your own!