China Inspiration


Here is one thing I can cross off my bucket list :D After a turmulent year (and much too much time since my last vacation) we finally did it; three weeks travelling around China! I have always wanted to go to China. Firstly because I am half Chinese (:)) - but know shockingly little about China - and secondly because I always wondered about that huge country that has one of the richest cultural heritages in the world. We started in the North, in Beijing, and travelled towards the south via Xi’an, Yangshuo, Shenzhen and finally Hong Kong. The experience was in one word ‘impressive’. I found everything there to be quite massive; the Forbidden City, the vast amounts of people, the skyscrapers, the smells, the sounds; it was overwhelming at times.. We did all the major touristy things, of course, including the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, and we walked on the City Wall surrounding Xi’an. We had some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery of Yangshuo and then on to shopping and some nightlife in modern Shenzhen and Hong Kong. All in all a pretty well rounded vacay I would say :)

                 Fashion wise I was also pleasantly surprised. Chinese and Japanese women are stereotypically known to favor the ‘cute’ look with lots of frilly tulle skirts and lacey tops. Do not get me wrong, while every woman needs some of that in her life, there is a limit… But I was struck by the elegance of many of the women there. Frilly effortlessly became beautifully feminine;  I applaud Chinese women for embracing their femininity! Of course I had to take some of that inspiration with me ;) and I came away with three great outfits (all bought in Shenzhen). A blue and yellow summer cocktail dress with some busks along the skirt bottom for some extra ‘poof’!, a black and white cocktail dress paired with a small blazer jacket, and a tailor made pants suit modeled after a men’s tail coat (love this one!). And of course, don’t forget the shoes..!

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