English lakes and a Wedding


Pfew, what a crazy couple of weeks! I have been super busy with work and also scrapping and I didn't have any time to update the website. I am just now settling back into my daily routine and trying to remember all the little projects I had going on :P
On the one hand, there was lots of science. Plenty of experiments, microscope time and preparing figures for hopefully my next paper. I had an opportunity to present my work to the cell biology department at the uni last week and I get to attend two biophysiscs conferences, this month in Windermere, Great Britain and next month in Veldhoven, Netherlands. The conference was held in the beautiful Lake District and was jam packed with interesting lectures and nerdy fun ;) I am actually writing this post while stuck at Oxenholme station due to delayed train service to London, ha! But it hasn't been all science; last month my friend got married! She is the first of my close friends to get hitched, so naturally we were all really excited! Of course we couldn't let her go without a bachelorette party. The theme of the outfit was 'like a virgin' ;) Check out the full description here: Bachelorette Party Costume inspired by Madonna's 'Like a Virgin'
Cheers! from Oxenholme ;)

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