From the first bud


Some of you may have noticed that posts have been few and far apart lately. I've entered the final year of my PhD and the pressure is starting to build. Failing experiments and publication stress, it's all in the game. And I haven't even begun to think about my defense! Or writing my thesis! *Shiffer* I try to find some comfort in the fact that almost every PhD I know who has graduated and now is working in 'the real world' has assured me that finishing your PhD is simply the hardest thing that you will ever have to do. Guess that's good news and bad news.. 
The first budAnyway, on the weekends I happily continue scrapping and I have a bunch of projects lying around, loads of pictures that need processing and posting. I'm slowly realizing that I prefer making the things to talking about them :P Usually I post the final piece with a short description or a slightly more elaborate tutorial. But what you usually don't see is the thinking process behind it and the fuck ups (of which there are many). Sometimes a project takes a few hours, but sometimes I've spent weeks on it (or at least thinking about it :P) So I'm trying out something new and am now going to show you how a project advances week by week. From the first bud to the final product. I know this means more posts for me which isn't my strong suit :P, but it takes off the pressure of having to finish something just so I can post it. I'm not sure what format exaclty this will become, it's just another experiment in my life :) Please let me know what you think of it and leave me a comment or something. 
Picture: I'm trying to grow this beautiful roze that grows near the lab (for the non-scientists; no it's not radioactive :P) I've tried before, but last time the cutting died. I've been nursing this one for 3 weeks now and this week it finally sprouted the first bud!

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