Home Remodel on a Budget: Simple Fixes and Redecoration


After a year of searching, we bought our first home 3 months ago! We took the plunge and moved out of Amsterdam and into "the Dutch suburbs". Although we thought it would be a big change, trading the hustle and bustle of the big city for our terraced house with a big garden wasn’t so hard after all. We fell in love with the house and especially the outside space on the first viewing and now that we’ve been living here for a few months we’re already feeling like it really is our home. (And as for the hustle and bustle; it’s only a train ride away ?)
The house is in perfect structural condition and doesn’t need much done to it. But, we want to make it more our own and we’re doing some small fixes and redecorating the spaces. We’ll try to do as much as we can ourselves and plan to build custom furniture as we go. On one hand because we love DIY and are always in for a challenge and on the other hand because we’re working with a small budget and want to save where we can. So, I’ll be hunting for the best deals and will post from time to time what I find. Most of the posts will be quick fixes, garden projects, a few big jobs and things that DIDN’T work. 
Info on materials and budget friendly deals are probably only useful for people living in the Netherlands (cost and availability of raw materials is very different in other countries), although the general plans can be useful for anyone. We’ll also be adding tips for less experienced DIYers (like us). Most of what we know is self-taught and our goal is just to share the things that we learn. And because we love DIY ?
See you later!

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