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Hi guys, 
It's been a while since my last post. Getting back to scrapping was a bit tough since a good friend of mine passed two months ago. She and I used to do a lot of handicraft together and made some pretty awesome decors for some small theater productions (even if I say so myself!). I have a lot of very nice memories with her, creating awesome things and also just talking. The poem called 'A letter to my friend' that I posted a few weeks ago is in honor of her and the beautiful memories I have of us. She was always someone I connected with very well, something that is very rare for me. Her passing was a big shock for all of us. My heart goes out to all her friends and especially her family.
This week I'm getting back into scrapping and picking up some of my old projects. For me, making art has always been a place to let go. To process and to put my emotion in. I often feel that my projects create themselved for a large part. Sometimes I have a general idea of what I want to make, but as the project advances 'it tells me what it wants to be'. I suppose that's a very organic way of creating but this is different for everyone. Of course I also get annoyed a lot of the time when things just won't turn out the way I want it! But this is also an important part of the process :) The beauty is to find something in your life that gives you an outlet. This can be art, sports, music. Find something for yourself that you can use to express yourself and that ultimately makes you happy. Something that is yours.
A lot of us these days feel a lot of pressure to excel at everything. Work hard, play hard right? I work 50 hours a week and in my free time I'm training for a marathon! Or I have my own art business on the side. But really why? A person can only do so much and every one needs time to realx. Rather than the marathon, what's wrong with running 5 k twice a week just to get your head on straight? And in stead of building this art empire, what's wrong with just making a few trinkets, just because you enjoy it? My generation is always running after, well, what actually? Most of us don't know. So let go of this pressure for excellence ALL the time. And look for this thing that allows you to just let go. 

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