Summer Time on Campus


Being cooked up in the lab all day, occasionally we PhD students need to go outside and remind ourselves that there is life outside of our offices. It becomes especially evident during the (rare) Dutch summers when, for a few days, everyone wears shorts or mini-skirts and stretches out on any available patch of grass. Whether that patch of grass is in a park or next to a busy road is irrelevant.  The same thing happens at our university and the pieces of ‘lawn’ in between the buildings and bus lanes become covered with people. Every time we decide to go for lunch on a day like this (blinking our eyes a few times against the sun we haven’t seen for so long) we are surprised at how many (half naked) bodies we find there. And then - suddenly - it's completely quiet again. All the students and most employees have gone on holiday and the campus is deserted... Except for us; the sad PhD students sitting in the sun :P

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