Arts & Crafts

Mini Chair Jewelry holder

This mini chair stuffed with cotton is done in no time and makes a cute gift

Board of memories

If you are like me, you like to keep little mementos of places you've been but hate getting stuck with piles of small ticket stubs and sorts. So, when I was in college (i.e. no space to waste!) I started putting them all together on a piece of cardboard that I hung on my fridge. 

Binder with Painted Flower

This beautiful tropical flower grew everywhere in my hometown like a weed and I loved it growing up . In my native language it is called 'Parrot's Tongue' :)

Notebook Cover Ideas

Recycle and create your own unique notebook

Good and Evil

I am really happy with the detail I was able to put into this little Angel and Devil pair. They are paper dolls, about 10 cm high, with crepe paper dresses.

Build a Snipe

I found this old high school arts and crafts project somewhere in the back of my closet. Thinking back, this was actually a great way to get kids to be creative using basic materials!

A Friendly Mummy

Continuing my experimentation with metal wire, I made this little mummy. He is made of thick cotton thread wrapped around a wire skeleton. I dubbed him 'Strings' :)

Tropical Flower Banner

I made these banners together with my good and super creative friend Mireille. They were deco banners for a tropical theatre performance organized by some friends of ours. Check out some of Mireille's recent projects.

Chinese Style Hand Fan

As a kid I would turn pretty much anything I could get my hands on into an arts and crafts project. I loved the wooden 'build it yourself' dinosaur kits and I spend many enjoyable hours constructing them. But what to do with the really nice pieces of wood that were left over? And this is how the funky hand fans were born.

'Anansi': Forest Theatre Decor

The decor was made using acryl paint and a big card board box. It depicts a piece of a forest and was used for a small theatre production of a good friend of mine