Chinese Style Hand Fan

Made on: 
Wednesday, 9 October, 2002

As a kid I would turn pretty much anything I could get my hands on into an arts and crafts project. I loved the wooden 'build it yourself' dinosaur kits and I spend many enjoyable hours constructing them. But what to do with the really nice pieces of wood that were left over? And this is how the funky hand fans were born.

I broke off pieces of left over wood approximately the same length and carefully drilled a small hole at the bottom of each stick. Using a piece of metal wire to lock them together so it would open like a hand fan. Twist the ends of the wire into an ornament that fits the style of the fan. Using tracing paper that I cut to size, I hand painted a chinese style woman using a stencil.

Obviously the tracing paper is quite fragile and this particular fan was made as a show model ;) But using a thin fabric you can easily make a fully functional and really unique hand fan. Despite the funky wooden pieces, the sticks easily fold over like a real fan. I planned to make a series of these in different sizes, but this is the only one I actually finished. I do love the final result and the funky pattern the odd shaped wooden sticks give in the back!

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