Mini Chair Jewelry holder

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Monday, 1 April, 2013

This mini chair stuffed with cotton is done in no time and makes a cute gift


Copy the patterns from the image onto some paper. You will need 2 rectangles of 10x5 cm (a/ b), 2 rectangles of 8x5 cm (c/ d) and 2 pieces for the side panels (e/ f). Alter the ratio's if you want a slightly wider or lower chair. 

Use a/ b for the back of the chair and the seat and c/ d for the bottom of the chair and the back of the seating area. 

Cut the tops off the side panels to create a nice curve 

Sew the pieces together like this: a + b and c + d and e/ f to the back of the chair c.

Follow the curves in the side panels

and sew everything together.

Leave the top open and stuff the cotton inside,

hand stitch the opening and you're done :)

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