Cocktail dress Part 3: Finishing the Skirt

This part of the project was really adjust-as-you-go. I made what I thought was going to be a minor adjustment, but it proved to be a bit more complicated than I thought: adding pockets. Well, it mostly became complicated because I kept changing my mind... Anyway. I'm happy with the progress, but I'm not soo convinced by the shape. What do you think?

Baby Bath Cape

Babies, babies! There has been a real baby boom in my life lately. I've gotten two adorable new nephews, some of my friends and colleagues became new parents last year and there are some more on the way! Not to get emotional about it, but it's funny to see how we're all growing up :) 

Summer Trousers: Final

The summer trousers are finished! After I put everything together, I had my friend try it on. It's important to have a first fitting like this, because even if you are really exact  in your measurements you can still have different results with different fabrics and you'll often need to make more adjustments. This one was no exception! The pant legs were too wide and had to be taken in a bit. But now it looks great! I'm really happy with the final result and luckily so was she :) She even offered to bake me some cookies for Christmas and I'm stoked because her cookies are amazing!

Summer Trousers Part1 and 2: Starting to put it all together

This week I have a new challenge: trousers! I've actually never attempted to make trousers from scratch (dreaded it to be honest). But when a friend of mine saw me wearing these light summer trousers she loved them. One thing led to another and now this is officially my first commissioned piece! Very cool :D It's an extra challenge because I've never made pants before. I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to learn making the pattern as well. This time I'm using an existing pair of pants to create the pattern. 
Part 1: The Pattern

Cocktail Dress part 1 and 2: Adjusting The Bodice and Sleeves

Part 1
To be honest, I have always been a bit afraid of pattern making. My mother used to make dresses using patterns from DIY clothes magazine (mainly Burda :) ), but I've always had a hard time understanding just how to build a pattern based on your own measurements. Cause come on, if you're gonna make the effort to sew your own clothes you want it to fit like a glove! Right? Right! And on top of that I want it to be EXACTLY the way I want. So not an A-line, but a pencil skirt for example. Oh, and add pockets while you're at it.

Dress from two old shirts

Have you ever had a perfectly good top with an ugly hole in it? Since the great moth investation of 2012 at our place I keep finding more and more of these.. :( This one in particular I liked to wear a lot and couldn't bear to get rid of it just yet, so I decided to remake it into a dress. I cut off the bottom part with the hole in it and used a black shirt to make the skirt. Sew them together and add a piece of elastic in the joint for a good fit. Another simple mod with a great result!

Vintage-style Dress with Lace Collar

This week I have another t-shirt remake for you guys. Use and old t-shirt or get one cheap at a discount store. Add some black lace and make a few alterations and create a cute vintage-style dress.

Guys sweater into a fitted dress

More gold from the boyfriend closet! This is a quick project and only requires some small modification. Start out with a baggy sweater and turn it into a warm, fitted dress for winter.

Cozy Sweater Jacket

So, on the weekend before our three week vacation to China my boyfriend decides to clean out his closet. At first I thought he was just doing this to annoy me (Come on man, focus! Pack your suit case, don't spread everything you own on the bed!), but after a while I made peace with it that this may just be his process (still annoyed). Anyway, after ten minutes I was already thrilled, because cleaning out his closet always turns up some real gold for me. Out came a bunch of old sweaters, fantastic! There are so many things you can do with a nice old sweater. 

Tiny Fabric Roses

I used these little roses to decorate the costume for my friends bachelorette party. They are quite simple to make and you can use small pieces of left over fabric. 
Check out the entire costume and the headpiece that goes with it here.