Baby Bath Cape

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Saturday, 12 October, 2013

Babies, babies! There has been a real baby boom in my life lately. I've gotten two adorable new nephews, some of my friends and colleagues became new parents last year and there are some more on the way! Not to get emotional about it, but it's funny to see how we're all growing up :) 
So I asked myself, what would be the perfect baby gift? One thing I loved as a child was our little cape. I think it was my brother's first and I inherited it later on. Although I barely remember what it looked like, I remember being snuggled up nice and warm after bath time. That's why I think this baby bath cape is the perfect gift for the baby as well as the parents :)
I made it quite large, about 1x1 meter. Generally bath capes are pretty small and you quickly grow out of it; something I learned after I had gifted my first one (score ;) !) The face and ears are also hand made and each one of course is unique. I've made multiple of them already (babies, babies, babies!) and I have them in three flavors: Baby Teddy, Baby Lion and Baby Bunny

Baby Teddy

Baby Lion

Baby Bunny

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