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Monday, 25 November, 2013

So, on the weekend before our three week vacation to China my boyfriend decides to clean out his closet. At first I thought he was just doing this to annoy me (Come on man, focus! Pack your suit case, don't spread everything you own on the bed!), but after a while I made peace with it that this may just be his process (still annoyed). Anyway, after ten minutes I was already thrilled, because cleaning out his closet always turns up some real gold for me. Out came a bunch of old sweaters, fantastic! There are so many things you can do with a nice old sweater. 

This one with some Chinese writing on it (and no, I don't know what it says :)) was bulky and super cozy. I decided I wanted to turn it into a sweater jacket for myself. It promised to be a quick project, all I needed to do was take it in a bit and add some buttons. 

I cut it open down the middle, trying not to damage the letters too much. Luckily they were just off-centered, but even cutting through the letters would be no biggy. 

I put the sweater on to see how much I would take it in. It's still supposed to be bulky, so you can free hand this.

On both sides :) Now you can use the strips of fabric you have left over to make the button strip.

I have a lot of buttons lying around. Sometimes I just buy them when I see something nice, I've gotten them from friends and I even cut them off old garments before throwing things out. So, let's have a look in my button drawer! I wanted big buttons for the sweatshirt and I found these very interesting wooden ones. It isn't a colour I would normally pick to go with the sweater, but hey, live a little right?

Button strip and buttons ready to go! Sew the buttons evenly spaced onto the other side of the sweater. Now here comes the hard part, making the button holes :S Well, it isn't really hard, most machines can do it and some even have an extra feature to make it really easy. There was a time I would sew button holes by hand :-O. Maybe that's why I kind of hate doing them now.. At this point I understandingly put away the sweater for a few days :P But come on, let's meet the challenge! I sewed the strip onto the sweater first, but as I'm writing this I realize it would have been easier to do the button holes first and then sew it onto the sweater... Anyway, let your machine do the work and make sure you match the holes to the buttons you sewed (or the other way around). My measurements have been off more than once ;) In the end it wasn't as horrible as I expected :D

And here it is. Nice and cozy, aaaah.

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