Guys sweater into a fitted dress

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Saturday, 30 November, 2013

More gold from the boyfriend closet! This is a quick project and only requires some small modification. Start out with a baggy sweater and turn it into a warm, fitted dress for winter.

Spead out your baggy sweater and mark out your measurements. You'll need buste, waiste and hip width. I'm usually too impatient to take proper measurements of myself, so I like to just put it on an use pins to mark everything. With stretchy fabrics this works just fine :)

First mark out where your armpits will be (if u have your measurements, use your bust size) and draw a straight line to the existing sleeve.

Mark out the sides (waiste and hip width) or use your pins ;)

Stitch along the markings, cut off the excess and finish the seam. Use a zigzag stitch or a lock machine if your have one. 


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