Tiny Fabric Roses

Made on: 
Sunday, 18 August, 2013

I used these little roses to decorate the costume for my friends bachelorette party. They are quite simple to make and you can use small pieces of left over fabric. 
Check out the entire costume and the headpiece that goes with it here. 

Cut a small rectangular piece of fabric (about 15 x 5 cm). This is organza, but you can use any fabric. A sheer fabric will give you a different effect though. If the fabric is prone to fraying (like organza) fold it over once before you start. The stem will be near the cut ends. Start rolling/ folding the fabric from one end to make the center of the rose. Stitch as you go to keep everything together. Roll and fold over in layers to make the flower pedals. Crumple up the fabric every now and then to get a nice shape on the pedals. When you are near the end, fold over the last piece about 1 cm, so that the cut edge will end up facing the middle of the rose. Stitch and done!

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