Vintage-style Dress with Lace Collar

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Saturday, 10 August, 2013

This week I have another t-shirt remake for you guys. Use and old t-shirt or get one cheap at a discount store. Add some black lace and make a few alterations and create a cute vintage-style dress.

I started with a cheap pink t-shirt (from Zeeman) and an old black t-shirt I had lying around. I'm not going to put in any buttons or zippers, so to get a good fit they should both be stretchy fabrics.

This is the idea: Cut the t-shirt under the bust and add one strip of black around the middle and another at the bottom, lengthening the dress to about knee height. They are quite wide ~10 cm for the middle strip and ~20 cm for the bottom strip (+ 2 cm for the seam).

Cover the black strips with lace (use stretchy lace!). This is of course optional, but I like the extra (subtle) lace detail and it accentuates the collar we're gonna put on later.

Sew the middle strip onto the t-shirt

Take in the sides a bit and add some darts front and back according to your measurements

For the collar, cut two narrow strips of lace. I cut a small piece of paper at the angle I wanted for the collar and used this as a template. Hand or machine sew all around the collar

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