Home & Decoration

1-minute light box

This tiny project was born out of neseccity, smack in the middle of another one. I embarked on a big adventure of pattern making this week (something that has always frustrated me!). My first attempt was a pattern for a cocktail dress. Using a Burda pattern as a starting point I had to copy the patterns onto paper and I like to recycle old newspapers for this instead of using tracing paper. I've been doing this for years.

Personalize Your Christmas Tree

Growing up we had a rather sad looking plastic Christmas tree. Even though it looked a bit mangy, we loved it to bits. It was a real shock when my parents finally moved on and parted ways with our old tree after almost 30 years (!) Needless to say I was a little choked up... But for the past few years my boyfriend and I always get a 'real' (pine)tree, something I had only seen in movies growing up. I quite like the tradition now and always have a lot of fun decorating it with shiny balls en little lights. This year though I decided to do our Christmas tree a little different.

Sewing station

My sewing area usually is a mess - I'm sorry, that's just my creative process :) - But it became a bit of a problem living in a one bedroom with my boyfriend and our living area doubling as sewing area for me AND working area for him... My solution to this problem was this tiny sewing station.

Wine bottles to Vase

Reused wine bottles as flower vase

Mosaic Mirror Frame

I did a great mosaic workshop at Made by Me Workshops in Amsterdam. You make your own design and they provide tiles in any colour you desire, glue and wooden bowls or boxes to mosaic. Mosaicing seems teadious to some people, but I find it terribly relaxing. Just don't get too figity to make all the pieces fit, in the end it always looks great! Check them out at Made by Me :)

DIY Sponge Holder

I got really annoyed with our bathroom sink that basically needs to be wiped down every day. Most sponge holders that I have lying around are horizontal and hold water, causing my sponge to be constantly soggy and smelling funky after a while. So, instead of going out to buy one of those hanging sponge holders, I decided to make one from a wire hanger.