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Recycled Shopper Final!

I finally got around to finishing the recylced shopper. This project is my first attempt at giving week to week updates on projects and the ups and downs that go with that. This weeks take home message: it's ok to leave a project alone for a few weeks if you're just not feeling it... But now, with the Netherlands latest win agains Mexico and advancing to the next round, new inspiration! This is the final post about the 'King's day shopper' now renamed 'Hup Holland WK shopper!' 

Recycled Shopper

This project all started so simple... My uncle had some t-shirts lying around that he wanted to get rid of. They were some promotional shirts for a kid's camp that my niece was involved in. Being bright orange, I thought: hey, great for King's day next weekend. King's day, folmerly Queens day, is the day when we celebrate the birthday of our Queen en since this year birthday of our new King.

Reversible Shoulder Bag from an old t-shirt

We all know the problem ladies. You absolutely love this t-shirt, this top or that skirt but it has become so tight on you that you just can't walk down the street in it and not feel awkward... :S My advice as a scientist: don't over interpret the result, just make lemonade! I turned one of my waay too tight t-shirts into a small shoulder bag. Extra perk: it's reversible!

'Your Ken Can Kiss My Barbie' leather purse

Hello to all the Big Bang Theory fans out there! I have to admit, I am kinda hooked on this show. I like to just put it on and run season after season on the background while I'm sewing or fiddling around and I've probably seen every episode about a hundred times by now..

Enormous Button Belt

While shopping for zippers and black thread -boring stuff- in one of my favorite haberdashery shops, my eye fell on this great enormous button. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I loved it! So I had to get one :D After playing with it for a few days I finally decided on an enormous button belt. I used an old plether belt I wasn't using much and put on some press studs. It's the perfect accesorie to but a little wink on an outfit ;)

Headpiece 'Like A virgin' Costume

This headpiece is part of the costume for my friend's bachelorette party. She's the first one of us to take the plunge, so we couldn't just let it go by unnoticed! The them was part 'Madonna's Like a Virgin' and part Burlesque. 
Check out the entire costume here.

Beaded Earrings: the Newest Candy Jar Earring Design!

I stopped making the candy jar earrings for a while, but there is still plenty of material left. So, I tried something new this time and combined a triangle-shaped base with some nice beads.

Candy Jar Earrings

A good friend of mine had her birthday coming up and I was wondering what to get her. Fashion-wise she is one of the most outspoken people I know, so I knew it had to be something funky! Rummaging through my arts and crafts stuff, I came across this plastic candy jar I got from a colleague some time ago. And I knew it, I would make her some funky (yet elegant ;)) earrings!

Toiletry Bag

My first Scrapped Give away! I made it for the birthday of one of my best friends. Hope you like it A :)
This was the first time I mad a toiletry bag and I learned A LOT! It was a bit of improv and adjusting as I went along. The most important thing is to work with the fabric and reasses at every step before you move one. 

Fabric Clutch

I made this clutch during another lovely workshop. Workshops are great! You always learn neat tricks and you get to go home with a fantastic (and finished!) project by the end of the day :)