Candy Jar Earrings

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Sunday, 16 June, 2013

A good friend of mine had her birthday coming up and I was wondering what to get her. Fashion-wise she is one of the most outspoken people I know, so I knew it had to be something funky! Rummaging through my arts and crafts stuff, I came across this plastic candy jar I got from a colleague some time ago. And I knew it, I would make her some funky (yet elegant ;)) earrings!

Old plastic candy jar; what to do with it?

First earring test with paper cutout

Now to make the earrings. Cut off the bottom of the candy jar..,

tape the design on the plastic with clear tape..

.. and cut it out with a scrissor.

You can reuse the stencil to make a pair.

Sand off the edges..

..and burned a hole in the top with a hot needle.

Run hook earwires and small split rings through the holes to make the backbone of the earring.

Then comes the best part: decorating! I had some 3D fabric paints that I have used in the past to decorate t-shirts. For my friend, I thought this bright taupe color would be perfect. 

I made a custom gift box from cartboard and old magazines. Here is the final piece all wrapped up. Of course I couldn't resist adding one of my new business cards on the inside of the box ;)

I had so much fun with this project that I made a few other earrings and decorated them with different materials. These earrings are so easy to make and you can really get creative and decorate them in your personal style. 

Sunsets. I handpainted these with acrylic paint in red, green and blue. You can just make out the sun setting through the srubs.

Gold Rush. I decorated these earring with gold speckles that I cut from some gold fabric. I only glued it to the bottom of the earring in multiple layers to that you can still see the naked plastic at the top.

Copper Swirl. Another 3D fabric paint experimentation, this time in a copper tint. I drew the swirls by hand. The earrings are not identical of course, part of the fun of hand made products!

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