Headpiece 'Like A virgin' Costume

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Saturday, 21 September, 2013

This headpiece is part of the costume for my friend's bachelorette party. She's the first one of us to take the plunge, so we couldn't just let it go by unnoticed! The them was part 'Madonna's Like a Virgin' and part Burlesque. 
Check out the entire costume here.

I used a piece of white tulle and hot pink organza. Of course you can use any type of light flowy fabric. On top of that comes a big lace bow a la Madonna. Start by cutting the tulle and organza to about 30 x 30 cm. Make the outside piece (in this case the tulle) 1 inch bigger on each side. Grab them by two corners and pull them together. A little flap will appear in the middle. Grab this in the middle and pull it up to the same spot. From the side you will see a little cap appearing and the pieces of fabric are like a little veil at the front. Easy right? Now just fasten everything with a few stitches. Finally, make the bow to go on the top. 

Here are two examples how to make bows. For the headpiece, I used the one shown in the left row. I like to call this the Mini Mouse bow; it has a little extra piece to make the center, just like the one Mini Mouse always wears. An easier version, in the right row, doesn't have this extra piece. 
Mini Mouse Bow
Cut two pieces of lace (or fabric). The long piece folded double will become your bow and the small square piece will be the center piece. Sew the center piece along one edge to make a small cylinder. Fold the bow flat. You'll get the nicest effect if you fold it like a harmonica. Funnel the small piece over the bow until you reach the center. Tada!
Simple Bow
Take a rectangular piece of fabric and fold it like a harmonica in the middle. Fasten with a few stitches and done! Combine a sheer fabric on top of another fabric to get a different effect. 

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