Reversible Shoulder Bag from an old t-shirt

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Saturday, 25 January, 2014

We all know the problem ladies. You absolutely love this t-shirt, this top or that skirt but it has become so tight on you that you just can't walk down the street in it and not feel awkward... :S My advice as a scientist: don't over interpret the result, just make lemonade! I turned one of my waay too tight t-shirts into a small shoulder bag. Extra perk: it's reversible!
The bag itself is very simple to make, nice straight lines to sew and no nasty zipper in there. It reminds me of those little shoulder bags I used to carry around with me everywhere growing up. I tried to use as much of the print as possible and used an old (and also too tight :S) skirt for the lining. Just make sure that one of the fabrics is not stretchy, or the whole thing will start sagging after a while. I didn't intend to make a reversible bag, but I realized it was going to be reversible halfway through. JOEHOE! I love happy accidents :D
This was a gift for my colleague and friend. She is one of the most cheerful people you will ever come across and always brings life to the party. She even has a characteristic sneeze that makes everybody laugh (we love you Catia!) So, which t-shirt to pick for her? Not a difficult choice ;)
PS. don't throw away the back of the t-shirt! Who knows, it may be the perfect lining for the next little project ;)

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