'Your Ken Can Kiss My Barbie' leather purse

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Saturday, 21 September, 2013

Hello to all the Big Bang Theory fans out there! I have to admit, I am kinda hooked on this show. I like to just put it on and run season after season on the background while I'm sewing or fiddling around and I've probably seen every episode about a hundred times by now..
Most people I've asked don't know this particular quote (so I guess that makes me a true expert ;P) It's from the one where Penny gets into it with Sheldon and takes a 'metaphorical' stand against all his outrageous demands. When Sheldon realizes Penny is serious he warns her and says: "Woman, you are playing with forces beyond your ken." To which Penny responds: "Yeah, well, your Ken can kiss my Barbie." I almost died laughing the first time I heard it and just had to use this quote on something, anything! Finally, I decided to make a clutch sized bag with a short shoulder strap.

I cut letters out of (soft) navy blue leather and used a contrasting orange lining for the inside of the bag. It has a small zippered pocket inside and a zipper to close.

If you use soft rather than tough leather, cutting out the letters isn't hard but it takes some time. The key is to use a sharp knife and a scale template that you can trace as exactly as possible. Personally, I love the look and feel of tough leather, but I've always avoided it, because the simple sewing machine I hae now cannot manage it. Someday.. :)

This bag has a zippered pocket inside and a zipper to close the bag itself. Zippers can be quite annoying and even more so when they are inside the lining of a bag (because a lot of the time you have to sew it on backwards and then flip the bag inside out). It took me quite a while to figure this and I still mess it up sometimes :S I will explain everything step by step in a seperate post coming soon!

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